Wedding Gifts for The Groom He’ll Love: 30 Awesome Ideas

The general wisdom when it comes to weddings is to concentrate on the bride. The ceremony is kinda for her. The bride will appreciate the flowers, the music and the entire event more than the groom.

Wedding gifts for the groom

We’ve already created a list of 27 gift ideas for the bride. The groom, however? This is a more difficult question to answer, if you think about it. Only three types of gifts will be appreciated by men, and they are not romantic.

  1. Practical objects that will prove useful.
  2. Items or grooming products that are “manly”.
  3. Give gifts that are connected to their hobbies and passions.

The last category is the most popular of the three. Although a man may not get emotional if you buy him something he loves, be assured that he will appreciate it and keep it in his mind. If you are not the groomsman, chances are that he will quickly forget where it came from.

You made his day special! That’s what matters!

Practical Wedding Gifts for the Groom

All products with a clearly defined purpose fall into this category. Furniture, kitchen appliances, and home tech products all fall under this category.

But, we don’t want to use the cliché ideas of a microwave, vacuum cleaner, or sofa. Your gift could stand out. It is important that the gift be nice and not expensive.

Special Gifts

1. A fancy pen

Fancy pen: wedding gifts for the groom

Some men enjoy the finer things in life. Fountain pens can be both practical and elegant. They can also be kept as a memento and a precious memory. Fountain pens can last for a lifetime, provided that the groom takes good care of them.

You can even give it ahead of time to them so that they can sign their wedding papers.

2. Beer mug personalized

beer mug: wedding gifts for the groom

Most men enjoy a beer every now and again. You can have it with your friends, with your wife or alone if you like beer. A mighty mug made just for the groom is a great way to make the groom stand out among his drinking friends in the future.

It could just be inscribed glass or a cup made of copper with an intricate design. We recommend sticking with the copper or wood.

3. Cigar boxes

Cigar box: wedding gifts for the groom

The popularity of vaping and cigarettes has decreased the use of cigars. It is still common to purchase one when celebrating a significant event with friends. You could take the example of the birth or adoption of a child.

You might even be invited to his wedding! This could be a great gift for a groomsman at his bachelor’s party.

4. Flask with a leather covering

Flasks are classy. He won’t be allowed to carry it everywhere due to alcohol consumption restrictions. However, it will be useful for special occasions. He might fill it up with any liquid he finds in the house if he enjoys it enough.

The leather surrounding the stainless steel could contain a message, such as “to our dearest friend” or “to my beloved husband to be”.

5. Cook’s knife

Chef knife: wedding gifts for the groom

Does the groom like cooking? This is a simple decision! The options are endless. Seriously. You could choose different types of metal or wood for the handle.

Then there’s the knife. A custom knife can be ordered in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can add inscriptions, engravings and patterns to your knife. We are certain that the groom will feel strong when chopping onions with his new knife.

6. A custom-made whiskey decanter

Whiskey barrels: wedding gifts for the groom

What screams luxury? You can bring out a wooden box that has a personal dedication. Inside, you’ll find a set whiskey glasses and a bottle that will be an envy to all men.

There is no better way to enjoy a drink with friends than by enjoying it together. Style is a must for the groom!

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7. A beautiful tie and clip

Tie: wedding gifts for the groom

This will require some analysis. What are the usual colors worn by the groom? What is his style? Buy him a tie that matches his wardrobe and a tie clip which compliments or enhances the rest.

You could also focus on a unique clip that would be the focal point of a suit.

Everyday gifts

1. Better Topics – unique game for couples

This is a great option, even if the groom doesn’t like card games. Take a second to think about it:

What is the purpose of marriage? To share a happy life with your spouse, and to grow your relationship every day.

Through quality communication, to get to know each other and share your thoughts. It is necessary to work as a team.

Better Topics is a game that couples can enjoy together and which is both fun and replayable. BT is different from other games that focus on superficial questions and encourage simple conversations.

There are 54 question cards covering a range of topics. The game also includes modifier cards, rules and rewards for winning.

However, the core principle is to encourage valuable communication. To assist married couples to get out of the “what was your day like?” loop.

Does that sound interesting? We think so. For the groom and bride, get a Better Topics deck.

You can also download the game on mobile devices for Android and iOS. It is completely free to download.

2. A wrist watch

wristwatch: wedding gifts for the groom

We are certain that watches would be the most popular accessory for men. Some men even collect watches, sometimes owning 5-10+ and matching them with their clothes.

Watches are also a classic wedding gift. If you don’t buy something completely out of your husband’s fashion sense, you can’t miss it.

Because there are so many options, prices can be flexible. Watches can be gifted in many different styles, colors, and types of belts (leather or metallic).

Vintage watches could also be an option. This gift will rock the world if the groom already owns a large collection of wrist watches.

3. Smart watch

smart watch: wedding gifts for the groom

A smart watch is an option for tech-savvy grooms. It can be paired with his phone via Bluetooth, and he will have access to many features, including calls, messages, and apps.

You could also track how many steps you take each day, your heart rate, and so forth. It all depends on what type of watch you choose. The watch can tell you the hour, among other things.

4. A pocket watch

Pocket watch: wedding gifts for the groom

Out of style? Yes, but pocket watches are fashionable and they’re still very classy. You can pair them with suits with a chain. You can imagine how cool the groom will look when they check their watch with their pocket while others are checking their phones.

Which person would you choose to have a casual conversation at an event with? Who would you choose to have a conversation with at an event? The guy who has the latest smartphone or the guy with a pocket watch and a gold chain?

5. Sunglasses

Sunglasses: wedding gifts for the groom

It’s simple and easy. There are many options for sunglasses that can be gifted as gifts. They come in many styles, shapes, and prices. You can check to see if he has any sunglasses at home.

6. A wallet

Wallet: wedding gifts for the groom

A groom’s top gift idea is a wallet. A leather wallet is usually a safe choice. You can choose a black wallet or the natural color of genuine leather. It should be simple and straight to the point.

You can also embroider or inscribe the wallet with a specific design or scene. It should be something the groom will be able to see every time he uses his bank card.

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It’s a great idea to get him a wallet for the wedding. The wallet will eventually wear out, so it’s worth buying another one for the anniversary. If he has become attached to the wallet, you can pay to have it repaired.

7. Pair of cufflinks

Cufflinks: wedding gifts for the groom

You may be asking yourself, “Cufflinks for everyday use?” Yes. Some cufflinks can be worn with a fancy suit. Many of them come in plain designs, some even minimalist. It could be a simple rounded or colored shape. You may also see a subtle, subtle shape that is only apparent when you look closely.

The groom could bring his favorite shirts to the tailor to have an extra hole made at the end of each sleeve. You can also get geeky cufflinks for the groom if he’s geeky. There are many options.


This category covers products for men that were traditionally owned by or designed for them. Let’s get to it.

Wedding Gifts For The Groom That are Manly

Grooming Gifts

1. A shaving set

Shaving set: wedding gifts for the groom

Every man should trim his beard at least once a week. A man must take extra care to maintain a beard that is as majestic as possible. However, going to a barber is not the same as using an electric cutter at home.

Your barber will make your beard look great. You can also do it at your home, which is even better. Give the groom a luxurious and expensive shaving set as a gift.

They’re generally meant for clean shaving. But, check to see if they have options for trimming.

2. A straight razor

Straight razor: wedding gifts for the groom

A straight razor is the best option for those who are traditional. These razors are considered premium products. These are vintage products that are collector-oriented. They won’t be cheap.

There are some amazing designs that are included in the price: blade engravings, special handle, etc. Straight razors are extremely sharp. They come with detailed instructions for how to use them correctly.

It’s not the perfect gift for every groom but it’s a wonderful gift for passionate couples.

3. A bottle of cologne

Cologne: wedding gifts for the groom

Some men like to use a scent. Some men do not like to wear a fragrance. It is usually easy to detect the scent as the groom will pass you. This is a complicated gift. Everyone has their own idea of the best scent to represent them.

You may think that a perfume would suit him, but it does not necessarily mean that he will like it.

Outdoor Gifts

1. Wood hunting/pocket knife

Pocket knife: wedding gifts for the groom

A personalized wooden knife is the best companion for a camping trip. This knife is both a useful and status symbol for men. It is a reminder of earlier times when nature played an even greater role in our lives.

It conveys power and skill.

2. Multi-tool for the Swiss Army

Army: wedding gifts for the groom

This is an alternative to a pocketknife if the groom prefers modern tools or military equipment. It’s also a multi-tool. You could use it as a knife, fork, spoon, bottle opener, scissors or pliers. It is as manly as an item can be.

3. Fishing rods & lures personalized

Fishing: wedding gifts for the groom

Fishing is not a common pastime among men. However, those who enjoy it will be grateful for this thoughtful gift. You can customize rods with different colors and designs. Lures come in special boxes that can hold the shape of various species of fish.

He will soon be proud of his gift to all his fish-loving friends.

4. An engraved compass

Compass: wedding gifts for the groom

Realistically there is very little chance that the groom will get lost in nature in the future. Even if the groom is an adventurer, it’s not a good idea to go into the wilderness and not know how to return (or have already checked the map on your smartphone).

This is a symbolic gift that he could still bring to his treks. The compass’s outer portion should have an intricate design. You can also write something personal on the inside.

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Bonus points: Many guys love the idea of pirates, so find a compass that has a nautical design.

5. An emergency kit

Emergency kit: wedding gifts for the groom

Practicality is also an important concept. It’s a good idea to keep an emergency kit handy for those who are inclined to engage in dangerous activities. This should be paired with another item. This is not enough to be a wedding gift by itself.

6. Wall art that incorporates the outdoors

Wall art: wedding gifts for the groom

Bring a little bit of nature into the home of the groom if he doesn’t have enough time. Gift him an artwork piece that features wildlife, mountains, or any other type of nature you think he would enjoy.

7. A duffel bag

Duffel bag: wedding gifts for the groom

This idea will be more appreciated by the sportier groom. This gift is especially great if his current bag shows signs of wear. This gift is simple and direct. This gift can be given to any groomsman.

Give gifts that are connected to their hobbies and passions.

Creative Wedding Gifts for the Groom

Do you know what the groom is passionate about? What are his hobbies? Give him something he will treasure and that shows you care about him.

Geeky/Hobby gifts

1. A chess set

Chess pieces: wedding gifts for the groom

If the groom enjoys logic and strategy-based games, then chess might be right for him. It’s easy if the groom is already a chess player. There are many chess boards available for sale in a variety of price ranges.

Don’t choose a traditional one, it doesn’t make sense. You should choose a unique design for both the board and the pieces. Perhaps there is one that was made after his fandom. The board will be the centerpiece of the new couple’s room, we guarantee it.

2. ​A poster collection

Poster: wedding gifts for the groom

Even though the groom or the bride won’t hang them on a wall for some reason, they can be kept in a drawer as a treasured keepsake. If you have known the man of your dreams since childhood, this should be an easy gift.

Just think about what he was passionately involved in growing up. We are certain he would like a reminder of those times.

3. Comic books in limited edition

Comic book: wedding gifts for the groom

We won’t lie to you: this will cost you. Potentially quite a bit. They are a collector’s item because of this. Many popular superheroes had at least one comic book edition, which is difficult to find. They will only get more expensive over time.

If you’re looking for something special to give your groom, or to put in a glass case, and have the money, this is the way to go.

4. A gaming console/PC

Gaming console: wedding gifts for the groom

PlayStation, a custom gaming PC, Xbox, Nintendo. It’s impossible to go wrong. It’s not necessary that it is something the groom doesn’t like. Talk to his friends and significant other about the best system for them.

There’s a high chance that he will smile at you with a childlike smile after he opens the gift. This is not a cheap gift but he will love you for it till the end of time.

5. VR Set

Virtual Reality is the next step in gaming. While they are still expensive, they should not be more than a gaming console. However, some people have experienced motion sickness from these devices so be cautious if you make this your first choice.

6. Sports memorabilia

Basketball: wedding gifts for the groom

T-shirts, signed footballs and player cards, as well as signed baseball bats. Anything that is related to their favorite sport or, even better, their favorite athlete. You can also purchase tickets for a upcoming game.

Here are our favorite wedding gifts for the groom. We hope you like the post. Share yours in the comment section.

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