Tips to Keep in Mind When Writing an Online Dating Profile.

An online dating profile for men should be both fun and informative. It’s okay to show off some personality traits that you might not want to talk about in real life, but it is important to keep your online presence respectable.

Tips to Keep In Mind When Writing an Online Dating Profile

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Keep these points in mind when writing online profiles:

Keep it moderate.

You don’t need to write an autobiography or novel, but do try to include a little bit of detail so the reader gets a sense of who you are.

Keep your online profiles short – no more than 1/2 page at most (not counting pictures). Anything longer will be too much information if someone only skims through them. Your goal with an online dating profile is simply to intrigue people enough that they’d like to learn more about you.

Maintain a casual tone

When you write online dating profiles, stay away from using run-on sentences or flowery language. Be concise and to the point when it comes to telling about your experiences, hobbies, etc. Do not attempt to trick anyone into thinking that you are someone other than who you really are – it’ll come back to bite you in the end! With online dating, ultimately people want honesty above all else.

Don’t talk yourself down

Don’t talk yourself down or be self-deprecating in any way (e.g., don’t say things like “I’m not good at anything”, “I’m ugly”, I’ve always been unlucky with relationships”). No one likes to negative statements; however, if you are confident in your online dating profile, it will come through. Instead of bringing yourself down, focus on what’s positive about you! People like to see the bright side in things; it is more attractive than negative information.

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Don’t lie

If you can’t be completely honest online (i.e., online dating profiles), at least don’t lie – especially when it comes to stuff that can easily get checked (e.g., height). It’s okay for online profiles to omit certain truths, but if someone discovers that you lied they’ll probably never speak with you again! Exaggerating online is another big no-no. Don’t claim to be taller or better looking than you really are, and don’t put yourself out there as something you’re not.

Highlight your best qualities

Online Dating Profile

Highlight your best qualities, but don’t list them in a way that makes you come across as arrogant.

It’s fine to show the positive qualities that friends and family see, but online dating profiles are about making yourself look great! If you were on a date with someone they would want to know more about who you are, what makes you tick, etc. Try to share things like hobbies and accomplishments without sounding boastful or conceited (that’s hard!).

Write in good English

While online dating profiles should be fun and relaxed, make sure it is written in good English.

No one will want to read through poorly written text where sentences do not make sense – this really goes for any kind of writing online. If English is not your first language, ask a native speaker to check for you or use online resources where you can find help with grammar and sentence structure.

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Avoid using pictures that don’t look real (like you)

If you have pictures, avoid the ones that don’t look like you (i.e., shirtless close-ups).

This could be as simple as wearing glasses in some of your online dating profiles! It’s easier than ever now to edit photos so take this into consideration when uploading online dating profiles – if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Don’t include sensitive information online (e.g., address and phone number).

Many online daters worry about their privacy; however, unless it is necessary to share contact information with someone else online, try to avoid it. This is also a good idea if you are online dating because of safety reasons, but it’s advisable for anyone who wants to stay protected online.

Have fun online!

Since online daters tend to be more relaxed than most people when writing online dating profiles, just have some fun with your online presence. It doesn’t matter what tone you use as long as you attract the right people and they want to learn more about you after reading about yourself on your online dating profile! The whole point of online dating is so that people can meet up in person and get to know each other beyond words on a page – so go ahead and let your personality shine!

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*Keep sentences short so you come across as friendly online.

Be open

Instead of saying something like “I don’t know what I’m looking for” try “Looking for someone to share my life with!” Be open, but also show some personality online.

Don’t use slang or informal language online

It’s fine to be humorous, just make sure you are always respectful online (i.e., no swearing).

Each online dating profile should give people a taste of who you are in an interesting way

However, do not write too much in one online dating profile/on your online dating profile description.

Multiple online dating profiles is usually recommended because you want to talk about different qualities in each one! Make sure when writing online dating profiles that potential dates get a sense of your life online, but don’t give away everything about yourself online.

Think before you write online dating profiles.

Online Dating Profile

You should know what makes you tick and be able to communicate it online in a way that is still unique without being too casual or jokey online. You want potential dates to really get a sense of who you are online – it’s all about balance!

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