12 Things Men Look For In a Woman

Things Men want in a woman

So you want to get inside a man’s head and find out what he really desires in a woman.

You want to know what he looks for when deciding whether or not a woman is a possible partner…

…or even the possibility of becoming a spouse.

True, what a man wants in a relationship is similar to what a woman wants in a relationship, but there are often minor variances.

Read on if you want to learn what attributes or things men look for in a woman.

1. She is a caring person.

Heart: things men want in a woman

Most guys, especially in public, find it difficult to express their gentler feelings.

That is why they yearn for a lady who will allow them to be vulnerable by demonstrating compassion and empathy.

They need to know that if they are sad or depressed, their spouse will not only embrace but also encourage them to express their feelings in a safe and caring setting.

They’re looking for a safe place to be emotionally connected because they most likely don’t have one.

Hugging him, listening to him, or telling him it’s acceptable to cry are all examples of this.

He may have learned this from his mother when he was younger, but it’s likely that this aspect of the mother-son bond vanished after puberty and never returned.

While you shouldn’t try to take on the position of mother in your relationship, he will appreciate your compassion and understanding.

2. She is willing to accept.

Men want to feel free to be themselves, even if it doesn’t always correspond to the idealized image of a man.

A male is expected to be macho, driven, loud, ambitious, and so forth by society. Men, on the other hand, are not always like that.

So they’re looking for a woman who doesn’t have any preconceived assumptions about what a man should be.

They want to be appreciated for who they are, not what others think they should be.

And that includes the imperfections that every man (and woman) possesses.

This is related to the last point in that a man wants to be accepted both when he is powerful and when he is ‘weak.’

3. She expresses gratitude.

thank you: things men want in a woman

Men desire to feel valuable to their female counterparts. They desire to be needed.

It’s a part of their history as tribal hunters who supported their families.

They desire a lady who will express gratitude for the work they perform, making them feel valuable and desired.

A small thank you or a figurative pat on the back to acknowledge a man’s good deeds can go a long way.

However, it’s crucial not to diminish the power of such gratitude by chastising him for things he doesn’t do – or does differently than you’d like.

Instead of making a man feel helpful, this merely helps to make him feel useless.

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And a man who feels neglected and ineffective is unlikely to stay long.

Look for ways to talk about things without blaming anyone. When necessary, be forceful, but avoid nagging.

4. She backs you up.

Hands: things men want in a woman

When a man has a desire, a goal, or an ambition, he needs to know that the woman in his life is behind him.

He wants to know that you’re open to hearing his suggestions and are enthusiastic about them.

Yes, this will occasionally entail allowing him to make errors. That is, however, a normal aspect of existence.

However, if a man understands that you are there to support him, he will feel more emboldened to be himself and express himself.

After all, every great guy is accompanied by an even magnificent lady.

And it isn’t just positive support that counts. It also applies when a man is struggling or confronted with a challenge.

You must also be there for him, partially to console him and partly to offer actual assistance if you are able.

Of course, you have a say in a decision that will have a significant impact on your life. We’re not advising you to give him free reign to do anything he wants.

5. She is self-sufficient.

A woman’s need to be near to her partner and a man’s need for space are both fairly common.

A man may feel overwhelmed and perceive a woman as clingy or needy if she wants to keep close at all times.

That is why a man values a lady who has her own life so that he can have some alone time.

You’ve probably heard the term “cave time” used to describe a man who goes out and does whatever he wants.

A man would like you to have the equivalent, where you may spend your time alone, with friends, or with family.

This gives him a sense of self-sufficiency.

He was living a life before he met you, and he needs to know that part of it, if not all of it, is still with him.

It also relieves him of the burden of being your exclusive source of love and happiness. After all, that’s a lot of weight to bear.

6. She strives for peace.

Women are more likely than men to engage in and perpetuate drama, and this is generally accurate.

Men appreciate a woman who can keep the peace more than she can disrupt it, which should come as no surprise.

This is true not only in her partnership, but also in her personal life.

If there is tension and ill will between her and her friends, colleagues, or family, it will pour over into the relationship.

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A woman who can maintain her cool while others around her lose theirs, a woman who can mediate disagreements and bring people back together, a woman who never loses her cool…

…it is the type of woman a man would want to learn more about.

We’re not suggesting you never speak out or set firm boundaries; you don’t have to be a doormat to keep things in order.

Knowing how to let go of grudges, see the best in people, and prioritize inner peace over the need to be right can all help you maintain a healthy relationship.

7. She is able to express her wants and needs.

Some women lack confidence and find it difficult to communicate their needs and desires to their partners.

As a result, her wants may not be addressed, and she may grow resentful of her spouse.

Men, after all, aren’t mind readers. Men, unfortunately, aren’t very good at reading between the lines.

Overt messages are preferred by men over subtle clues.

That is why a man seeks a woman who can express herself plainly.

It just simplifies things and reduces the possibility of confusion and/or the woman feeling unwanted.

8. She is decisive.

When it comes to needs and wants, a man is seeking for a woman who is aware of her own.

Women are frequently depicted as indecisive creatures who have no idea what they want.

While this isn’t true of all women, it is true of a large number of them.

Indecisiveness (or claiming that you “don’t mind”), on the other hand, places the decision in the hands of the man in your life.

Suddenly, the man is in charge of deciding what you do on weekends, what movie you attend, and what restaurant you dine at.

You may believe that this gives them the freedom to do whatever makes them happy, but all it does is make them stress about having to choose something you’ll like.

While neither person should make all of the decisions, the responsibility for deciding amongst several options should be shared.

So don’t be hesitant to express yourself if you disagree with a decision.

9. She is a warm and caring individual.

Men, like women, desire affection, and it helps a woman win a man’s heart if she is willing to be the one to exhibit it.

You’d be surprised how much wrapping your arms around a man and pulling him in close may mean to him.

You may take his hand in yours while you walk, brush his neck as you sit next to him on the couch, or surprise him with a kiss.

Men are sometimes hesitant to initiate these activities on their own – and sure, this is a flaw they can work on – so they appreciate it when a woman does.

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A man will improve with practice, but they will require some assistance at first – literally on occasion.

10. She’s a genuine person.

A lady who doesn’t feel the need to hide aspects of herself behind a mask is extremely beautiful.

A woman who is confident enough in herself to be herself and realize that not everyone will like her.

She understands that there will be people who like her, and that they will like her for who she is.

This genuineness is refreshing for a man. When a woman has this level of self-assurance, she doesn’t keep a man guessing about who she is.

She places her cards on the table for him to choose whether to accept them or not.

This doesn’t mean you have to share everything right away; after all, a little mystery in the early stages of relationship might be beneficial.

11. She is courteous.

While there has been much said about males appreciating women, a guy will expect the same respect in return.

This includes how she speaks to him, how she acts around him, and how she treats him even when he isn’t around.

When a man and a woman treat each other with the same amount of respect, they will feel as if they are on the same team.

Respect conveys to the recipient that they are deserving of respect, and this affirmation is equally vital for men and women.

12. She shares the same values as you.

things men want in a woman

The basis on which a person’s life is built is their values.

As a result, it should come as no surprise that a man will seek out a woman who shares many of his beliefs.

After all, it’s tough to construct a life together if you’re each starting from a different place. The construction will simply not be sound.

These values could include things like your political viewpoint, how you feel about religion and its role in society, and how you feel about human rights.

When you have similar beliefs and viewpoints, it makes it easier to build a peaceful relationship and eliminates some of the most typical reasons of conflict.

You could be thinking that many of these attributes also pertain to what a woman seeks in a man while reading this.

You’d be correct in your assumption.

Many of the qualities that appeal to a man in a woman are also appealing to women.

However, hopefully, after reading this list, you’ve gained a better understanding of the subtle variations in why these items matter.

And you should be able to work on at least a few areas that are more directly related to what a man looks for in a woman.

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