23 Questions Girls Are Afraid to Ask Guys

Are you concerned that you might upset guys if you ask them a few touchy questions? It’s our goal to assist you. Listed below are answers to 25 commonly asked questions!

questions girls are afraid to ask guys

Traditionally, they say that women originate from Venus and men originated from Mars. It is a joke, but it is one born from a common experience in which males and females just aren’t alike.

That’s great, though! If we were all carbon copies of one another, how boring would that be? As a result of diversity and differences, life is unpredictable and exciting.

This same problem can cause confusion about your boyfriend or partner as well. In their minds, what actually happens?

Answering those questions is what we do here. It is important to be honest in all communication. If you have something to ask, you should ask!

It’s important to us that you’re blunt and open. We are also often mystified by you, so we ask for it quite often (as we are also mystified by you quite often).

But we understand if you’re still not comfortable with asking fearsome questions yourself.

The following are 25 questions that girls would like guys to answer.

Who pays for the first date?

First dates are traditionally paid for by guys. In this way, they feel accomplished and satisfied. “Being the man” is of utmost importance in a relationship.

Similar to how some guys split the bill, there are others who prefer doing so out of financial equity (or just because they don’t want to tell you they don’t make a lot). It would also be a good idea not to create the notion that they’ll always pay when you’re in the city.

Do you always think about sex?

I guess…

According to popular belief, men think about sex every seven seconds. Although it isn’t necessarily true, I must confess that sometimes guys talk a lot about girls. Guys consider having sex in addition to having seduced women as praiseworthy.

In young adulthood, virginity is often taken as an insult. It amplifies the desire for sex among guys.

Are you interested in getting married?

Here, you’re most likely going to get an overwhelming NO as answer. What is the purpose of guys getting married? You, ladies, are partly to blame. Many men make it their mission to make women happy or content. Some guys agree to marriage because marriage is important for some women.

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Men often complain to their friends about the costs of their weddings, or wait until the formalities are done to get started. Having a relationship with you is more important to guys than confessing that love before an altar or relative.

Do you require a certain amount of energy before you start feeling sexually motivated?

questions girls are afraid to ask guys

I would say almost never. Your boyfriend is already in the mood for sex if you’re in the same room with him. In addition, this also depends on individual sex drives, but in all honesty, it’s just the way it is.

Do you believe/fall in love?

questions girls are afraid to ask guys

Maybe you won’t believe this, but yes! Men tend to support love more than women. There is however a different reason. Men are more interested in expressing their love for you than receiving it. The goal is to protect and provide the other person, to feel fulfilled because they want to be loved.

Is there anything that makes a girl more attractive?

The situation here is actually quite different from how you think. You’ll often hear guys say it’s your face. Usually, your eyeballs, your cheeks, your smile, and your character make up the majority of your assets.

Is it better to wear more or less makeup?

Guys usually respond that they prefer no makeup or only a little natural makeup. Makeup shows girls are taking care of themselves; I prefer them to have a bit on. The only thing you need is eyeliner and eye shadow, and foundation. We don’t like false eyelashes, artificial nails, injected lips, etc, but it really is up to you to decide for yourself what suits you.

Are you concerned about how girls dress?

A few guys do, while others don’t. While we aren’t the most stylish bunch, there are some guys with definite style preferences. Fashionably dressed girlfriends are highly attractive to them. It won’t matter to other guys. Even what you normally wear won’t matter.

What makes a girl “slutty?”

Some guys are more sensitive to revealing clothes, wearing excessive makeup, or getting drunk than others. A guy will consider a girl a one-night stand rather than “girlfriend material” if she is open to going home with him after a short conversation.

Is it okay for a girl to ask you out?

Some guys don’t take the initiative like Disney princes, so you can benefit if you pick up the initiative too. The fact that you’re interested gives guys a big boost to their ego!

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Does it matter if a girl is a virgin?

Male partners won’t judge you if you are sexually active. Some guys might judge you if there are more than three partners. There’s also the notion that a girl should be considered “purer” than someone who has had more than one partner. You won’t be considered serious relationship material. Perhaps you should not reveal your past first. Get to know him better.

Do you enjoy giving gifts?

This is a difficult question to answer. Some men love to gift women, while others don’t like Valentine’s Day or similar occasions. Most of the time, I have found that men buy gifts for girls because they are happy or feel obligated.

Receiving messages while on a date is annoying, right?

Yes, generally. We prefer to keep our focus on the boys when we are out with them. Although we don’t mean to cause any upset, we will message you back as it feels like pressure. It is also important to spend time alone.

Is it possible to forgive cheating?

The answer is generally no. Because their trust was damaged and their pride was hurt, guys won’t accept cheating girls back. This depends on whether you are married or have children.

Do you want your girlfriend to share your passions with you?

A small percentage of men look for girls who are similar to themselves. You don’t need to enjoy video games, footballs, geeky collections, cars or the like. It’s still appreciated if there is an interest.

You don’t have to be sincere. Listening to your boyfriend discuss his interests will make a big difference to him. You might even find yourself enjoying them, who knows?

What is the most appealing thing about a girl’s appearance?

Confidence and sheer willpower are key. We guys are available to help you when you have doubts or need emotional support.

We prefer it if there is a warrior in you. Attractiveness is found in being confident and open to showing your true self, and approaching situations calmly and confidently.

How would you describe the perfect first date?

A guy will not pay much attention to the date activity. He will talk with you and get to know you. For a man, the date activity is irrelevant. He is there to get acquainted with you and to have a conversation. If your date is comfortable enough to just sit down, have a few good laughs and converse, then it’s great!

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What do you do if your interest isn’t in a girl?

A guy who ignores or ghosts you is not interested in you. We guys are more interested in girls we like than others, and will often be the first to suggest hanging out or to message them. It’s likely that it isn’t happening.

If you are into shy guys, it is best to ask the question yourself.

Why isn’t it easier for guys to feel their emotions?

We ignore negative emotions because we want to appear more masculine or we don’t know how we should deal with them. Some guys are more rational and pragmatic than others, preferring logic and facts over feelings.

Would you mind if your girlfriend had a lot of male friends?

Your partner complaining about you being with the other gender all the time could indicate a deeper problem or insecurity. You could be treated like property by him. Your boyfriend may have a point if your male friends are always attracted to you. If you aren’t sure it’s harmless fun, don’t give up your friendship.

Are you curious to find out what I am thinking?

Yes, a million times! A lack of communication is a major reason for many relationships to end. Sometimes you expect us to hear what you have in your head without saying anything. We believe that you can tell us if you need something or if something has upset you. We are always willing to discuss it.

Are you frustrated by taking too long to prepare to leave?

Yes. The only thing we do is wear a shirt, some jeans, and that’s all. We don’t enjoy waiting for you to do your makeup and pick out fancy clothes. It feels like forever. Sorry ladies!

Do you enjoy staying in touch with your throughout the day?

questions girls are afraid to ask guys

More or less, yes! We love sending you messages and memes, but it can become overwhelming. We don’t like the feeling of being restricted in our choices. Don’t make your boyfriend feel restricted in your relationship.

Quality conversations are better than dull and uninteresting conversations.

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