37 Best Paragraphs To Send To Your Crush

It can be scary to tell your crush, or to let them know you love them. Sometimes you can feel stuck in your feelings and not know how to express them. We are here to help.

Crushes! They’re exhilarating, but also terrifying. All those conflicting emotions, the uncertainty about what to say or do, how to dress, act, laugh, make jokes, when to say something, and when to stay silent. Confessions to your crush can be even more difficult. We can help! Here are some cute paragraphs that you can send to your crush.

This will come in handy if you don’t know how to put it on paper for your crush. They can be sent at any time of the day. We’re confident that you will find someone you like. You can always send more if they don’t respond. Sometimes, you need to be persistent. Just don’t go overboard.

Paragraphs to Send to Your Crush Right Now

Paper: paragraphs to send to your crush

Instead of creating your own enigmas, start talking to your crush. We’re sure they will like you for who you are. You don’t have to be a poet in love overnight. These 37 paragraphs will help you to spark a connection with your crush.

  • Every day, one of my dreams is to fall asleep while I talk with you over the phone or send you a sweet goodnight message. Every morning I wake up hoping to receive a message from or leaving a good morning message for you.
  • You are so real to me that I often think about you. One thing is certain: I want a reality in which you are by my side. Are you ready to embark on a new journey along with me?
  • Your friendship is one of the top reasons I look forward to each day. It’s enough to make my heart happy just thinking about you, your voice, and your beautiful smile. I wish I could feel the same way every day when I am with you.
  • Sometimes, I just close my eyes to daydream. Sometimes my mind wanders to other things, but I always think about you. You know how much I love you and I often dream of us being together.
  • Although I am not great at expressing my emotions in words, I do try because I care about you. That’s all I have to say. I care about you, and want to be more that friends. Are you feeling the same?
  • Your warm presence makes all my worries, fears and anxieties disappear. Your presence in my life has made me feel truly blessed and grateful. Every day spent with you is an unforgettable memory.
  • For a while, I have struggled with an uneasy feeling. I believe it is time to get clear. The truth is that I love you. Since we were first good friends, I have loved you and that is what I want for you. If not, it’s okay.
  • Although I think of you often on a daily basis, the last time we met, your beauty was amazing. Your smile is the only thing that keeps me thinking about you.
  • Since we were friends for a while, I have felt a deep connection to you. It’s hard to put into words but there’s something I feel that I love about you. I love you not only because we are good friends, but also as a friend. Is that not logical?
  • Even if we are apart, you’re always close to me because I keep you in my heart.
  • Although I can’t remember my initial impression of you, I didn’t expect to fall in love with you. I wasn’t a fan of love and I don’t think I expected these feelings for you. But I know they are true.
  • It’s a powerful feeling I have that I don’t need anyone but you. You are my rock, my reason to laugh, and my inspiration for seeing the brighter side of life. You are my pillar, my reason for laughing, and I don’t have to love anyone else.
  • Even though I may not always be there for you, I want to let you know that a small part of me is always with you because you are never far from my thoughts. That’s what you realize, don’t you?
  • It’s extremely cliché to tell someone that they are the most beautiful person on the planet. Yet, I find myself thinking, despite the fact that there are billions of people, you must be that person.
  • I believe perfection can be made up. There are no perfect people or perfect things. You’ll never find perfection if you try to be perfect. Your flaws are what I love about you. I would be happy if we were more than just friends. What do you think?
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greeting card: paragraphs to send to your crush

  • Sometimes, my life can become stressful and frustrating. Sometimes I feel exhausted and overwhelmed. It’s like the entire world is upon me. It’s almost like the great chasm in my heart is being reconnected when I’m near you. You are my healer.
  • The best thing about our friendship is the way we get to know each other better. We are like salt and pepper, and I have wanted to take our friendship to the next level for quite some time. What do you think?
  • Your spell over me since our first meeting seems to never end. I want to see you again and continue our conversations late into the night. I don’t want this spell to end.
  • You are my inspiration and motivation whenever I feel like I don’t have the willpower or determination to accomplish something. I cannot thank you enough for being my driving force every day. You are always there for me when I need to have the courage and self-assurance to try something new.
  • It’s amazing that others aren’t in a relationship with you, as no one can blame them. You are truly amazing and an incredible person. It’s impossible to imagine a day going by without talking with you.

White: paragraphs to send to your crush

  • I am aware that I have been taking up too much of your time recently. Although I have been greedy lately and want to keep you all, it is because you are a wonderful guy/girl. Everybody should enjoy your company. But I will admit that I would prefer to spend my time with you.
  • Hello, I am looking for someone who brightens my day and makes me smile. If you have a chance to look in the mirror, would you please tell me?
  • It’s difficult for me to see you hurt or sad. I am not trying to guilt trip you, but I do want to say that you are a special person in mine and that I will always do my best for you.
  • Fear not, your superhero is always there! You can always reach me via your phone, no matter what your troubles or tribulations. I will put on my cape to protect you from evildoers!
  • If I were a singer, I would be able to write an amazing love song. If I were a writer, I am sure I would be able to create the most romantic love stories. It’d probably even become a bestseller. But I am neither, so let’s just say that I’m not a writer.
  • I don’t know exactly what lies ahead in life, but I do know that I want you to be a part of it. Whatever happens, just know that I will always appreciate and love you.
  • You make my life sound hilarious. Not because your jokes are good; they’re bad, but because of that, I love them. And because of that, I love you. You could make me laugh when no one else would.
  • The only place that I can call home is you, because I don’t believe that home is a place. I believe that it is a feeling, a feeling of safety, happiness and love. I feel like no harm can come to me when I’m with you.
  • Suddenly, I realized that I love you. I know it sounds strange and weird, but I know it. How? I’m comfortable sharing my things and living my life with you. If we’re together, I’m fine watching movies I don’t particularly care for. I don’t mind if you eat all of my french fries. I’m confident that I can tell you anything and that you’ll keep it a secret. Do you share my sentiments?
  • I’m grateful for the opportunity to meet you. I felt as if my life was going nowhere and that I had no one to care about or be attached to at the time. Then I met you, and you’ve become the closest friend I’ve ever known. The thing is, I’ve grown to love you, and this is my way of telling you so.
  • Nobody, and I mean nobody, has ever made me happier than you have. You’re one of a kind, from the fun you bring into my life to the everlasting delight you leave on each of my days that you’re a part of. I’ve realized how much I love you and how much I want to spend all of my waking hours with you.
  • I’ve had a big crush on you for a long time but haven’t known how to express it. I tried to think of some cute words to say to your crush so that I wouldn’t come across as pushy or rude, but none of them matched my feelings. It wasn’t until then that I realized there was no need for a fancy manner to say “I love you.”
  • I’m becoming increasingly aware of my proclivity for daydreaming. I’m not aware of it at first, but when my friends or coworkers say “hellooo? “Are you listening?” I ask, and then I realize what’s going on. You know what’s funny about it? It’s always about you in those daydreams.
  • I’ve never been adept at expressing my emotions or discussing love. I’m more of a logical person, and I want to be that way. But, no matter what, I get this gnawing sensation in the pit of my stomach, and I’ve finally figured out why. It vanished as soon as I realized to myself that I love you.
  • Please correct me if I’m wrong, but we’ve been flirting for a while now, and I don’t want it to be a one-time affair. I genuinely care for you as a person, and I’d like to consider you my boyfriend or girlfriend because… You have my heart.
  • Okay, I’ve got something to say, so here it is: I’ve got a thing for you. The problem is, falling in love with you is the easiest part for me. The difficult thing is being away from you all the time.
  • All of the childhood tales It got me laughing when I read about knights in shining armor and damsels in distress. Those love stories never occurred to me to exist in the real world. But I was mistaken. Because I now understand everything, and I feel the same way for you.
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Putting It All Together

Making your sentiments known might be unpleasant because you are exposing yourself to others. It’ll be easy if you use our collection of romantic paragraphsHeart: paragraphs to send to your crush to send to your crush. Choose any that you think best represent who you are, or tinker with them to make them your own.

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