How to Be a Charming Woman

A charming woman knows how to behave in any occasion, she always has the right words, the appropriate clothing and is very diplomatic.

How can one become a charming woman?

This is what we’re going to find out today during our exclusive interview with her.

 So, what exactly does a charming woman know how to do?

A Charming Woman

For a charm to exist, you need a presence and a way of looking at life.

First of all, we must understand that the purpose of a charming woman is not to flirt with everyone – she saves herself for those deserving it – or to be beautiful.

Of course, one may say that every woman has her own charms but as a general rule, a charming woman knows how to behave in any situation and this is what makes her shine out from the crowd. She always has the right words no matter what a situation, a very diplomatic character and a taste for the best.

She has a good education

This is a must if you want to become a charming woman.

It does not matter if you have a master’s degree or a Ph.D., it is very important that your friends see you attend the right events, drink the perfect cocktails, wear the latest fashion trends and know how to properly appreciate an opera from a theater play from a musical concert from a stand-up comedy…

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As I was saying earlier, one enjoys life to its fullest once she acquires these characteristics – of course – but also by knowing what will make her shine. Every evening, she asks herself, “What will I wear tomorrow?” and not “I wonder how I’ll stay warm tonight”.

A charming woman knows a lot of people from a lot of different backgrounds.

Indeed, a charming woman is a person you want to have a drink with [a very popular lady]. You can find a list of her contacts in any social media directory. She is always there for them when they need to be rescued from a boring event but also to organize one when needed. Thus, a charm will never let down a friend in need.

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A Charming Woman Maintains a Balance between the past and the present.


One must remember that an essential part of being a charming woman is maintaining a balance between the past and the present.

You have a great family, a rich experience that made you what you are today and a bright future ahead of you.

Moreover, a charming woman is always interested in hearing about her surrounding world.

She does not judge people based on their appearance but rather their actions or beliefs.

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Indeed, she’s open-minded. She listens more than she speaks – laughs at every joke because she knows it’s all a question of perspective and finds a way to solve any problem if needed.

She has a healthy life style which requires discipline and self-control if we want to look as good as we feel inside!

A girl work out

This is the only way to become a charming woman.Therefore, a she’s a great dancer, a talented singer and a disciplined runner.

She knows how to choose the right clothes for different occasions but also knows when she can show a little more skin or not depending on a theme of a party/event/wedding.

She’s a woman with a great sense of fashion!

Being a charm is all about being aware of your body language

A Charming Woman

Being a charm is all about being aware of your body language and its many forms in order to understand how you come across in any given moment.

A charming woman has good posture – always stands straight – listens with her head up and shoulders back- speaks with confidence – makes eye contact [no matter who is speaking !] and a big, warm smile!

A charming woman never stops learning.

A girl with a laptop

She reads a lot – a book a week is a good average to maintain – she may also attend a class on creative writing or a creative cooking class.

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In addition, a charming woman knows how to do her makeup properly but does not go overboard with a mask on every event she attends.

This being said, she preserves her physical beauty but always trusts in natural looks! However, a little touch of lipstick here and some blush there will be enough to transform an outfit from gorgeous to fabulous.

A charming woman knows a lot about a specific theme or a particular field of interest.

Sitting under the sun

This is the last on my list. She is a walking encyclopedia and she loves knowing more than anyone else does about a given topic

She’s very smart yet modest while having a lot of fun in her life if she wants to be seen as a charming lady !


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