9 Signs Of A Clingy Girlfriend/Boyfriend And How to Deal With Them

It’s difficult to tell the difference between a partner who is affectionate, loving, and wants to spend time with you and a clinging companion.

After all, being clingy is largely a matter of perception.

Clinginess exists on a spectrum, with some people being more independent and requiring more space than others.

Furthermore, dealing with a clingy partner can be difficult, so many of us prefer to ignore the warning signs until it’s too late.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of telltale indications that will help you figure out if your girlfriend or boyfriend is clinging.

We also look at a few options for dealing with this behavior without jeopardizing the partnership.

However, first…


Why Is It A Problem To Be Clingy?

Clingy is a phrase used to describe someone who is enamored with the person they are dating and refuses to let go.

As though a limpet on a rock.

They would spend all of their leisure time with the one they love if they had their way.

They may be physically needy, constantly requiring physical love.

They may choose to communicate by text at all times.

They may never make any plans without their other half’s involvement.

They may also lose interest in anything other than their lover, disregarding their family and friends in the process.

None of this is good.

We all need our personal space, no matter how much we love someone.

Our happiness should not be dependent on our girlfriend or boyfriend, and our life should never revolve solely around another person.

While it’s good to integrate your life with the one you love and devote time and effort to your relationship, you should also consider your own needs as well as the needs of everyone else you care about.

On the other hand, someone wanting to spend all of their time with you might be quite attractive at first, and it’s easy to get swept up in a passionate relationship…

…but you’ll eventually become overwhelmed by it and want to shrink away and withdraw.

So, if you want your relationship to continue, it’s critical to spot the indications of clinginess early on.

9 Signs Of A Clingy Girlfriend/Boyfriend

How can you detect clinging behavior now that you know why it might be an issue in a relationship?

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1. Their texts are relentless.

Some couples text more, while others text less, but your partner needs to text you frequently — all day, every day.

When you don’t respond to their texts quickly enough, they become frightened, nervous, or irritated.

They want to know where you are at all times and are irritated when they can’t reach you.

2. They have ceased to spend time with their friends and family.

One of the most serious consequences of being clingy is that you become the center of their universe.

They stop trying with the people they care about.

They don’t seem to care about seeing their family or friends any longer, and you appear to be sufficient for them.

3. They’ve stopped doing the things they used to enjoy.

They had hobbies before you met, but they’ve abandoned them.

They’d rather spend all of their time with you than continue to do all of the things they enjoyed before you met.

They may have even swapped their own hobbies for yours, happily accompanying you to whatever activities you enjoy, whether or not they genuinely want to be there.

4. They don’t appreciate it when you do things without them.

They’ve stopped putting their friends, family, and hobbies first, and they make you feel like you should, too.

They may have made it apparent that they don’t appreciate you hanging out with your buddies or that they’d rather you didn’t continue to attend that evening class.

5. They require reassurance on a regular basis.

They require regular reinforcement that you haven’t fallen out of love with them in the last five minutes, no matter how many times you tell them and how hard you try to show them.

6. They are constantly present.

signs of a Clingy girlfriend/boyfriend

Even if you believed you’d be going alone, they always assume you’ve invited them.

They basically assume you and your partner do everything together now.

7. They are jealous.

In any relationship, a little envy is natural, but it shouldn’t be a continuous theme.

You should be able to trust each other, but they seem to be convinced that there’s always something to be jealous of.

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They don’t appreciate it when you spend time with a beautiful person of the opposing sex, such as a friend or coworker.

8. They keep an eye on your social media accounts.

Signs of a Clingy girlfriend/boyfriend

It’s very normal for your partner to like or share your postings.

However, you’ve discovered that they’ve started looking through your old posts and aren’t bothering to hide it.

They can’t stop themselves from interrogating you about the man who commented on your Instagram photo five years ago or the chick you’re Facebook friends with.

9. They no longer appear to have their own opinions.

Signs of a Clingy girlfriend/boyfriend

Unfortunately, if someone is insecure in a relationship, they will not dare to express any thoughts with which they know you will disagree.

They’ve ceased disagreeing with you on political issues or accepted some of your social and religious ideas in the hopes of increasing your love for them.

How to Deal With a Clingy Partner

If you’ve discovered you’ve got a clingy girlfriend or boyfriend on your hands, it’s time to take action.

Here are some suggestions for moving forward.

1. Try to establish boundaries in the early stages.

If you and your partner have just been dating for a short time, you still have the opportunity to set some ground rules and make spending a significant period of time apart the norm.

The way you interact with each other in the beginning will have a big impact on the routine you develop with each other.

Spend quality time with them, providing them your undivided attention, but don’t forget about your hobbies, family, or friends. If you do, it may be difficult to reverse your decision later.

2. Be truthful to yourself.

Just check in with yourself to be sure they’re being overly clingy and not because you’ve lost interest in them.

When we’re annoyed with someone, we tend to find their actions irritating.

3. Encourage them to go out and meet new people.

Signs of a Clingy girlfriend/boyfriend

Why don’t you recommend they reconnect with an old buddy or pick up a pastime they used to enjoy?

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Make sure you’re entirely supportive of them whenever they mention doing things that don’t include you.

They might soon discover how helpful it is for your relationship to take time for themselves.

4. Inform them that you require personal time.

Don’t be scared to tell your partner that you require some time’ from time to time.

They should be able to comprehend your need for solitude.

5. Bring it up in conversation.

If quietly changing things hasn’t worked, it’s time to sit down and have a serious conversation about their clingy behavior.

Just make sure you don’t use the word “clingy,” as no one likes to be branded that.

Avoid the phrase ‘needy,’ and be cautious with your wording in general, as you may hurt their feelings.

Maintain a respectful demeanor while being direct and honest.

Let them know that you like spending time with them, that you value and appreciate them, but that you could use some alone time.

And that you’d like them to devote some time to themselves.

Reassure them that you want your relationship to last, which is why you believe it’s critical for the two of you to make changes.

6. Make it clear that you genuinely love them.

Signs of a Clingy boyfriend/girlfriend

If your partner is insecure in the relationship, make sure you’re doing everything you can to show them that you care and cherish them, and that their clinginess isn’t the result of your negligence.

You don’t have to tell them you love them 50 times a day, but you should make an effort to listen to them, care for them, and display your affection for them.

This should enable them trust in your affection for them and relax into the connection over time.

7. Keep in mind that this isn’t the end.

It doesn’t mean you’re not well suited to each other just because you require more space from your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Take this in a positive light.

If you’re prepared to put in the effort to improve your relationship’s balance, it’s a good sign that you’re serious about making it work.

As a result of your efforts, your relationship should become stronger.

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