25 Dating Tips For The Early Stages of A Relationship

Dating a new man can be nerve-wracking. Going into the date, we’re all nervous, unsure of what to expect, how to act, and what to say and what not to say. It’s a difficult world out there, which is why this article exists to help female daters.

Dating doesn’t have to be a stressful experience; in fact, when done properly, it can be a lot of fun, as long as you’re seeing the right kind of guy.

Here are 15 dating tips to keep your lovely date around and, if you want to, take things to the next level. In any case, these 15 pointers will help you have a more enjoyable date and, perhaps, land your prince charming.

Tips for the Early Stages of Your Relationship

1. Have Fun

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The easiest way to keep a date interesting is to have a good time. This means trying different things and seeing where the night takes you. In other words, don’t just go to dinner and a movie. Go do something different and fun. For instance, you could go to an ice cream shop or a bookstore. For some of you, going to an arcade might be fun. Take in a few of the attractions of the area and have some fun. If the night is going well and you’re both having fun, then the chances of him asking you to stay are pretty high.

2. Make Time for You

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This is the key to having a successful date. You want to make the time for your partner and make sure that he knows he’s important to you. Make sure he knows he’s getting your time, because women do give out their time very easily.

3. Be Yourself

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If you’ve dated in the past, you know how hard it is to get a second date out of a woman who is constantly pretending to be something she isn’t.

The “nice girl” isn’t a bad thing — far from it! — but too many women will try too hard to be someone they aren’t. Think about what you like, what you are, and what you are capable of being. Never force yourself to be something you’re not. Your date will enjoy it when you are relaxed and genuine, rather than overly friendly or uptight.

4. Go For Casual

As a woman, I know we hate it when a man is overly flirtatious. But guys feel the same way about us being overly modest.

The easiest way to get a guy to like you is to make him think that he’s the only one for you.

5. Take Care of Yourself

As with all romantic endeavours, dating takes a lot of time, energy and emotional focus. It’s important to take care of your body, mind and soul before a new date.

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Eat good food, exercise regularly and sleep well. Get plenty of sleep, take frequent breaks from your business and from social media. Doing these things will help you relax and be in a great mood.

Take the time to put yourself together and get yourself mentally prepared for a date. Otherwise, it will be hard to get into a positive state of mind to go out with someone new.

6. Take Breaks

The constant attention we all get from our phones, emails and social media can be a distraction for dating.

7. Know What You Want Out of Him

You already know what you’re looking for in a man. This article will help you identify it and start communicating it.

8. Make Your Intent Known

Make sure you communicate your intentions early and often. Let him know how you feel and what you want out of him early on, so that he knows how he can positively contribute to your dating experience.

9. Always Dress Appropriately

Most dates aren’t formal in nature, but you do want to make sure you look like a million bucks. It’s an awful cliche, but he doesn’t want to date a slob; he wants to date a beautiful lady.

10. Let him Feel Good About Being with You

Making him feel good about being with you is one of the first steps to making him stay around. This is a delicate balancing act, so tread lightly.

11. Be Clear About Your Boundaries

This is the biggest key to being on the right track with your date. If your boundaries are clear, you’re more likely to respect the limits of your date. Too often, women let their dates walk all over them without saying a word because they feel that if they give an inch, they’ll be taken advantage of.

But it’s a huge turnoff if a man steps too far outside of the boundaries you’ve set. If he’s already breaking them, then he’s not the man for you.

12. Make Sure He’s A Good Mate

There’s no such thing as too much information. Just because your date is telling you what he does for a living doesn’t mean that he’s also telling you what he does to his penis to feel sexy in the morning or how much he’s looking for a relationship.

13. Come Hither, It’s Just a Date!

“Come hither” is an expression that can get you into trouble (or into love, but we’ll get to that). If you use it too often, men will get the wrong idea. Don’t be one of those women that is afraid of dating and walks into an empty room like a deer in headlights.

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14. Make an Effort to Look Good

I know this can be a little hard when you’re a nervous-ass.

First off, why don’t you take the time to make yourself presentable before meeting your date? I suggest taking the time to run a shower and brushing your teeth, but honestly, everyone knows to do that.

I can only go by experience here, but most times when I meet a guy, I’m immediately struck with an overwhelming sense of calm. I’m able to relax and get my thoughts in order before even thinking about how I look.

15. Keep Up With His Family

Your partner should love your family. If you don’t know his family, ask questions about his, and meet his mother. He’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how cool your family is. Don’t just eat dinner at the mother’s house, invite her and the rest of the family to yours!

16. Give Him Space

Good chemistry isn’t all about things always being on.

If you’re the type of girl who’s constantly talking to her date or constantly asking him to make a move, he’ll likely start to feel suffocated and will want to find someone more compatible, especially if you’ve been going out for a while and there’s not much room left for your relationship to blossom.

Simply make space for him and he’ll be happier.

17. Let Him Be A Man

Don’t boss him around. Let him be the one who makes a move; don’t put the onus on him.

If he’s a man, he’ll show it.

18. Have Fun With Him

You may not have met your man yet, but take advantage of the fact that you have your whole life to do so.

Have fun with him and relax as much as possible.

19. Don’t Follow Through on Your Follow-Up Messages

Dating someone new shouldn’t be an overwhelming experience, especially if you’re looking for something serious. Follow-up with your date if you want to see him again and give him a chance.

20. Don’t Make Things Too Complicated or Serious

No one really likes a needy, clingy, awkward, or demanding partner, so go easy on the “I need you to love me for who I am” platitudes and other challenges to your man’s self-esteem. Also, try to keep things light and superficial—after all, isn’t that the point of dating in the first place?

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21. Always Make Fun Of Yourself

(Or Give Your Date Easy Passes On Being Funny)

Come on! Your dating companion should be able to laugh at their own inadequacies and, occasionally, their own jokes.

22. Be The Perfect Hostess

You’re trying to attract someone’s attention and ensure they enjoy themselves, so keep the homefront nice and clean and just be the perfect hostess.

23. Don’t Make Sex A Priority

The second the date is over, get right into sleep mode, and let sleeping dogs lie.

24. Say You’re Not Interested If He Doesn’t Ask You Out Again

Giving someone the courtesy of saying you aren’t interested when you’re not interested is both tactful and respectful. Don’t just disappear without leaving a proper communication—that means an email or phone call, not a text—and don’t just keep saying “we’re cool” and stop answering your phone.

25. Flirt!


Before you go to a date, look through your dating profile, whether it be Tinder or Bumble. Remember the ‘Dating Pyramid’? Even if you don’t think that’s relevant anymore, you should still refer to it before going on a date. There’s a reason why it’s a standard when it comes to romance and dating. The pyramid explains that women like men who are confident, independent, and successful (yes, you should also flaunt these qualities, too).

If you know from the get-go that your date will fall into one of the ‘provider’ categories, you’ll have much more fun during your time together.

Flirting With Texting

Take advantage of your phone’s texting capabilities for the texting component of your date. One of the biggest social changes of the past few years has been the decline of face to face contact.

Instead of scheduling a coffee date or inviting a new guy for a cup of coffee, don’t waste your time. Take advantage of texting, because it allows you to flirt with your date without being “That Guy.”

Texting is also a great way to keep yourself from slinking back into your car because, let’s face it, most of the guys you meet through texting have already gotten off work or are otherwise unavailable.

Besides, even if you don’t plan to meet for coffee, it’s a good way to let your date know that you’re busy and to suggest an evening date instead.

Flirting With Facial Expressions and Gestures

You can flirt with your date with facial expressions and gestures in a great way.

If you’re nervous about flirting, first consider the best way to flirt with your date.

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