12 Ways to Read a Girl’s Eyes.

While it may seem like a complicated skill to read girls, the truth is that you can learn how to interpret them with ease if you follow these 12 simple tips. If you have trouble figuring out what women are thinking or feeling, here’s your chance to improve your skills!

Get familiar with a variety of “looks” eyes can have.

When you’re trying to figure out a girl’s thoughts or feelings, the thing that you need to do is get familiar with all of the different looks that her eyes can have. Here are 12 common ones:

1. Surprise


As soon as she makes eye contact with you, she may widen her eyes and look surprised.

2. Doubt


When she doesn’t believe what you’re saying, she may narrow her eyes and squint at you.

3. Ambivalence

Ambivalent friend

If she’s feeling conflicted about something, it will be reflected in the way that she looks to you for guidance. She’ll look back and forth between you and whatever she’s unsure about.

4. Admiration


If she finds you attractive, her eyes will look at you more intently than normal. She may also be biting her lower lip or licking her lips to keep herself from smiling.

5. Playfulness

When a girl is flirting with you or trying to impress you, she may look back and forth between your eyes and your mouth.

6. Anger

Furious, angry, anger

If something is bothering her or making her angry, she’ll probably have a hard time looking you in the eye. She might even press her lips together tightly as a way of expressing anger without saying anything about it.

7. Contempt


She may narrow her eyes at you to show that she thinks you’re not good enough or not worthy of her attention.

8. Disgust


When a girl looks at you with disgust, she’s probably thinking about how unattractive, boring, annoying or dumb you are. Her upper lip might be raised in a small, subtle snarl, and her eyelids may be slightly raised.

9. Fear

When a girl is scared or anxious about something, she tends to widen her eyes considerably so that she can see all of the details around her clearly. She might also press her lips together as if she’s trying to hold on to herself.

10. Sadness

When a girl is depressed, she may look over at you with sad eyes. Her eyelids might be low and heavy, and her brows could be pulled together. You may also notice that her lower lip is slightly pursed out, which is a way of thinking about happier times in the past.

11. Gratitude

If she’s happy with you or if she wants to say thank you for something, her eyes may crinkle slightly at the corners

12. Flirt

Flirt look

When a girl is flirting with you or trying to impress you, she will often meet your eyes more intently than normal. She’ll also have a subtle smile on her face, which may only be visible in one corner of her mouth.

While it might seem like there are 12 different emotions that girls have, the truth is that there are really only 3 “big” ones – sadness, happiness and fear. Everything else is just variations or combinations of these three feelings. For example:

– Sadness = sadness mixed with anger.

– Happiness = happiness mixed with sadness and surprise.

– Fear = fear mixed with sadness and anger

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