10 Signs Your Relationship is Coming to An End

A relationship is a two-way street. In order for it to last, both people need to work on it and be willing to make concessions. If you find yourself in one of these ten situations below then your relationship may not be worth working on anymore.

1. They’re not interested in you anymore

Signs your relationship is coming to an end

It’s a sure sign of the end when they are no longer excited about seeing you – or talking to you. If they don’t make any effort and show disinterest, it means that something is wrong.

2. He/she stops texting or calling

If your partner doesn’t respond to your texts and phone calls, it means that either he/she has lost interest or simply does not care enough for real communication anymore. Pay attention if this behavior persists day after day as this is a pretty clear signal of breaking up!

3. Relationship fights get worse

Signs your relationship is coming to an end

What were once harmless squabbles have now erupted into full-blown battles with accusations, name-calling and distrust. Relationship fights are one of the clear signs that things are not going well in your relationship.

4. They give you less attention/time

Signs your relationship is coming to an end

If he/she stops making time for you, it’s a sure sign of their loss of interest. However, if they’re already giving you less commitment, this means that there is little to no hope left at all.

5. You don’t feel like going out with them anymore

Signs your relationship is coming to an end

When nothing seems fun about spending time together and any activities start feeling like a drag or chore, then something is definitely wrong and it might be the beginning of the end! It feels weird when your feelings change so drastically – either you’ve become bored or simply just don’t care enough anymore – but the fact that you no longer enjoy each other’s company is a clear sign of break up.

6. He/she starts avoiding you

If he/she suddenly starts acting like they don’t have time for you, it means that something is wrong and they might be trying to end your relationship. This is usually due to them secretly wanting to leave the relationship or because they already have someone else on their mind!

7. They keep giving excuses not to hang out with you

Signs your relationship is coming to an end

This behavior definitely shows that they’re not interested in seeing you anymore – either because of guilt, annoyance or just pure apathy towards being committed to you! When your partner is more than willing to give excuses and reasons why he/she can’t hang out with you, then it’s another clear sign of a breaking relationship.

8. They stop doing the little things they used to do for you

When your partner stops making an effort or showing that he/she cares – it shows their lack of commitment and interest in you anymore! This includes not returning calls, emails or texts as well as being late for dates.

9. Relationship no longer feels ‘natural’

If you’ve felt like something is wrong in your relationship for a while but were never able to put your finger on what exactly was causing this feeling, then this is because the relationship has become a strain – and now seems awkward and unnatural to be around. You both have different goals and want different things so it’s not a surprise that it no longer feels right for you.

10. You feel like they’re always criticizing you/being mean to you

We all argue and pick on each other from time to time but if he/she is constantly critical, judgmental or rude towards you – then it makes sense why the relationship has become so difficult! Relationship fights are one of the clear signs of breaking up because this type of behavior shows more than just arguing -– it reveals that something bigger is wrong: lack of respect, trust and real feelings. Relationship fights show that there’s been a gradual decline in your connection with each other and the bond between you has already started to break down. Relationship fights show that you no longer get along and are now both on completely different wavelengths. Relationship fights mean that the real reason your partner has started acting differently is because they’ve lost interest and want to end the relationship. Relationship fights are a red flag that it’s time to call it quits!


If you’re experiencing these signs that your relationship is coming to an end, it’s time to have a serious conversation with him/her about what the future of this partnership looks like. There could be many reasons why he/she has changed their behavior and if you want things to work out between the two of you, now is not too late. A professional therapist can help guide the discussion in order for both parties to come up with solutions that will make them happy going forward.

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